Root Canal Retreatment

While root canal therapy offers high success rates, in some cases some endodontically treated teeth may fail to heal. This could happen months or even years after successful initial treatment. When this occurs, the tooth is often saved by root canal re-treatment. At Lake Jackson Root Canal Specialists, Dr Nikdel, has the training and expertise to provide the highest standards of care for root canal re-treatment.

There are several reasons a tooth may not heal after initial root canal therapy. The anatomic structure of the tooth’s canal system can make treatment difficult. Narrow, curved or split canals may go undetected. Tooth trauma can cause the root to fracture, which can cause an infection or cyst. New decay can expose the root canal filling to bacteria and cause a new infection. This can result from a loose, cracked or broken crown or filling. A second root canal may also be necessary if decay and bacteria invade a tooth under a loose filling or an ill-fitting crown, causing contamination and failure.

 Avoiding re-treatment could cost money & affect your oral health.

It’s not uncommon for people to put off endodontic care, including the re-treatment they need to protect their smile and their oral health. Fear of root canal care is a big reason for this, but saving a tooth with root canal re-treatment can save you time and money compared to the alternatives. If you lose your tooth, the gap left behind will need to be addressed with either a bridge, dental implant or partial denture. Worse, an infection can have consequences for your oral health and even your overall health.

When you need re-treatment for a root canal problem, put your trust in Dr K. Nikdel who has the expertise and will work with your dentist to preserve your natural teeth and keep you out of pain


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